India and Beyond… One Contact, Four Destinations…

Designer Holidays portfolio now includes 3 additional destinations. Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal, Designer Holidays:  Your Partner In India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal, Established in 1990, Designer Holidays is a partnership concern, imbuing every aspect of its operation with pride and personal attention to detail and making every employee part of the Designer Holidays family which consists of approximately 50 professionals.  The three partners, Sarvin Warden, Dimple Uberoi and Samir Uberoi, who each have years of experience in the travel industry, live in Mumbai and meticulously oversee every detail of the program. Each visitor is considered as our personal guest.

Designer Holidays is proud to be considered one of the foremost Destination Management Company’s (DMC) concentrating on specialized and unique programs in India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

At Designer Holidays we realize that no traveller, wishes to be treated like a member of a “group” and we take pride in welcoming and serving all our passengers as individual guests.  We offer special touches, surprise gifts, friendly and helpful staff, to make our guests feel at home. 

Designer Holidays:  Ground Handling Expertise 

A good combination of polish, honesty, integrity and authenticity. It’s all about wanting to be real. Our criteria just gets broader. We like to believe that our service is like synchronised swimming. We have the ability to distinguish and create an experience and provide information. We will go out of our way to unearth it. We actually want to give more.

Today’s clients are like diners who are far more knowledgeable about ingredients, cooking techniques, the nuances of food. They expect the waiter to know where the chicken ran around, the bartender to describe every herb and twig that went into the cocktail. Clients want more.

Handling the ground operations in countries like India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal is vastly different from any other country in the world.  And we pride ourselves in offering specialised knowledge backed up by years of experience in operating and handling deluxe programs.

A good DMC must be intimately familiar with the ways and idiosyncrasies of the destination;  we have established and friendly relationships with tourism authorities, we understand the ways of dealing with the often boggling bureaucracies of the destination.  Understanding the operational needs of the client is very important. As a DMC we are flexible and resourceful in case of any last minute revisions and changes in the programme.