India and More

Where do I begin? A question often asked by most first time travellers to India. Whatever might be expected or imagined, this is a country, which never fails to astonish the first time visitor.

The answer lies in the diversity that India has to offer. Is it classic culture that you are looking for? How about snow-dusted mountains and sun-washed beaches? Perhaps a date with a tiger in one of our several national parks is on your wish list. How about chic shopping, amazing restaurants and software - surremo cities. For those seeking spritual sustenance, India has sacrosanct sites. If you are you a history buff, you will encounter gems from the past almost everywhere - from grand vestiges of the British Raj serenely peering over swarming spice bazaars, to grand fortresses looming high above plunging ravines... spectacular palaces and fairy-tale forts to exquisite temples.

The possibilities are endless... and at times confusing. This is where Designer Holidays steps in... identifying great experiences and where to find them. We will call you, ask you questions, understand your expectations and provide you with the right information and add those very special touches that will enhance your India experience. We are conscious of last minute revisions and changes in the programmeand are flexible and resourceful in case of any.

At Designer Holidays, each visitor is considered as our personal guest.