the delhi art trail – a look at the vibrant art scene in delhi

the delhi art trail – a look at the vibrant art scene in delhi

This tour introduces you to the various schools, influences and movements in Indian Art in the last 150 years. It also takes you on an exploration of some of the classical and folk traditions, to understand the philosophical and socio-political moorings of Indian artists. The museums and galleries we cover in this tour are housed in interesting buildings, each governed by a distinct design rationale. During this tour, you will explore not only Delhi's art, but also its unique architecture. The tour is curated and led by a trained artist and educator.

We'll start the tour with the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), designed by Edwin Lutyens who forged a new style of architecture for Imperial Delhi in the 1920s, combining the neo-Classical with architectural elements from India’s Mughal and Buddhist past. Formerly the residence of the Maharajah of Jaipur, the building was later declared as a National Centre for showcasing the wealth of modern Indian art. The galleries at NGMA trace the historic journey of art from the 19th century miniatures to Company paintings, Raja Ravi Varma to Bengal School, the Progressives to present day works.

After NGMA, we’ll visit the India Habitat Centre in Lodhi Estate. The principal resolve of the Centre – ‘to restore at every level - environment and ecological - a balanced, harmonious and improved way of life,’ is reflected in the philosophy of its empiricist architect Joseph Stein. Home to several corporate entities and non-profit organizations, the centre has various spaces for art discourses, film screenings, concert halls, theatre and restaurants. You will be taken around its main galleries (Visual Arts, Open Palm Court and Experimental Gallery) that hold regular Paintings, Sculptures, Photography and New Media shows.

From India Habitat Centre, we will drive to Siri Fort, the site of the Alaudin Khilji’s second city of Delhi (1303). The Academy of Fine Arts and Literature here, houses three galleries – a permanent collection of India’s prominent painter Arpana Caur’s works, The Miniature Art museum displaying paintings from the Persian, Sikh, Pahari and Rajasthani schools, and the Museum of Folk Art with an expansive collection from across the country that often respond to contemporary themes in traditional styles.

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the delhi art trail – a look at the vibrant art scene in delhi


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