ethos of old delhi and crafts museum

ethos of old delhi and crafts museum

Expert - Dr Navina Jafa, called the Gatekeeper of the Spectacular by Financial Times London, Dr Navina Jafa has had the opportunity of presenting Delhi and other parts of India to the likes of Dr. Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice, Benazir Bhutto, Nelson Mandela and large number of University, Corporate, Museum groups from around the world. Dr. Navina Jafa introduced two decades ago the concept of Academic tourism which creates holistic, put of the box ventures to comprehend the idea of an experience called India.

Ethos of Old Delhi: A Walk through the fascinating labyrinths of Old Delhi where a spectacular narrative especially curated for the guests will communicate the collapsing windows of time past and present, and unearth layers of rituals, social identities, commercial nuances that resound through various niches of built and living heritage encapsulated in Old Delhi.

Asserting the Power of Traditional Knowledge in the Debate of Rising India – The Crafts Museum: With the Indian State spearheading towards becoming a global economic power what is the strength, the canvas of the sector of traditional knowledge encased in the sector of creative and cultural industries of this ancient civilization? The Walking exhibit in the crafts museum touches on the idea of the importance of this sector that has sustained the civilization for centuries.

Haveli Dharampura

Cuisine: North Indian and Indian street food

The Haveli was a part of residential zone historically, but at present converted into a core commercial area. The approach towards the building is only a 5′ narrow alley, giving a feeling of vintage memory lane. The Haveli has narrowest gali on its backside. The surroundings of the Haveli still bears the evidences of history through its physical features. Brackets, balconies, jharokas, multifoliated arched gateway, carved sandstone facades, wooden doorway the visual quality of the approach way which at present look dilapidated due to modern insensible urban pressure. The restaurant on the rooftop offers a stellar view of the Jama Masjid, the Gurudwara Sis Ganj, Lal Mandir and of course, the Red Fort.

ethos of old delhi and crafts museum


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